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New silverlight/C# app - advice please


I am re-developing an web application that has been written in Delphi/Intraweb.

We are moving to Silverlight .Net 4 and C#.

The web application does a simple job of collecting and validating data via a web page.  

The fields on the page, position, labels, the data type, and where the data is stored is all configurable.   We can even specify a number of tabs and define which field is on which tab.  All this is dynamic and the pages are created at run time.

 So to add a new field we just need to modify a few configuration variables and "hey presto" the new field appears on the web page nicely positioned as a text or combox box etc. the next time the user runs the app.  

This is not rocket science however when re-writing this application in C#/Sliverlight/.Net we have an extra requirement.

Now we want to add a tab on the page to handle some customised processing.  For example we might want to use a tab to display some charts or other input types when there is a need for some customised processing server side.

Basically we want to build a general purpose application that has a hook where we can attach some extra code without having to recompile the original app.

I am an old Delphi/Win 32 programmer.  If i was going to do this myself in that environment i would just write a dll with a standard interface.  My main application could load and call it if it was present.  

However I know very little about Silverlight/C#/.Net - so how would i do this in the new environment.

2 Solutions
Anurag ThakurTechnical ManagerCommented:
adding the new functionality will not be an issue if you are able to create a new application involving silverlight/c#/.net 4
After reading through your question detail i found that you have little experience in the above mentioned technologies so the first point will be brush us your skills in that

Then you need to design the architecture of the application how will the user interface layer look like, how will you communicate to the business layer and then how will you be handling the data layer
I dont have experience in delphi or Intraweb but I am assuming this kind of layered architecture is being followed there as well

so the following needs to be done
1. Brush up the new skills
2. Create the solution architecture and communication methods between different layers
3. Implement the solution
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
silverlight separates the User Interface from the code behind.     The designer would design the page in expression and the software dev then codes the code that interacts with the display. So now the dev is just an analogy is a plumber attaching all the pipes while the designer makes the sink and the faucets..

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