Configuring HP E8212 switch to talk LACP on a trunk port

I have a DELL blade M1000e and want to setup a trunk from the switch on the blade to a HP E8212 switch.

I beleive the HP switch must be set to LACP to communicate with the trunk on the DELL blade.

The question is I can create an LACP port on the HP switch but when I add it to a trunk it no longer exisits. I cant then add the trunk to lACP as this wont allow me to do this.

Is there any way this is possible?
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jburgaardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would try reversing the order of commands.
Start making trunk in LACP-mode and THEN specify the vlans to be carried:
syntax: trunk  [ethernet]  PORT-LIST <trk1|trk2...trkN> [trunk|lacp]
so fx. to make a trunk of port A1 and A2:
trunk ethernet A1,A2 trk1 lacp

Asign vlans 1, 10, 33 to the trunk:
vlan 1
untag trk1
vlan 10
tag trk1
vlan 33
tag trk1

ref.:p.700.. in 

Or perhaps you do not need the 'trunk' afterall
-in HP lingo the term trunk is ment for link aggregation
If you only need to carry some vlan on one port connected to an other switch: just tag some vlans on the port (+ eventualy one untagged vlan)
Jamesm007Author Commented:
Thanks I will give this a try. I want to link aggregate 2 X 10GB SFP ports not etherent ports but I didnt try to create the trunk with lacp at the end of it.
Ill try this now. Ill keep you posted!
Jamesm007Author Commented:
simple yet effective. thanks for that!
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