Is there a way to convert a Drupal module into a Joomla module or to install it into joomla via some form of bridge?

Is there a way to convert a Drupal module into a Joomla module or to install it into joomla via some form of bridge?

The extension I had in mind is this:

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gplanaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think it will exists such kind of guide (at least I don't know of anyone).

What I would do is to look at PHP code and when I found any call to Drupal Framework (for example for getting user information), search information in how to do that on Joomla.

Also Joomla documentation on could help you:

Good luck !
Drupal and Joomla have different structures. My advice is to search on Joomla extension directory to look for a Joomla extension which does something similar than your Drupal module.

There are thousands of extensions, however, if your Drupal module doesn't match any Joomla module, you can build a Joomla module (or hire someone to do it) by looking at source code of Drupal module.

Hope it helps.
badwolfffAuthor Commented:
Thanks I guessed as much too.
I am ready to try to port the code myself.
However if you or anyone know of a tutorial that might at least lay down the guidelines to converting from one to another it would really help me. It is always PHP code anyway but since these are personalized codes it would be nice to not have to beat about the bush for hours and hours trying to make it work. (I am ready to invest a good few hours into making it work in any case)

thanks in advance
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badwolfffAuthor Commented:
Did you check if this site really anything for joomla or just pasted the link anyway as you found it on google?
Thanks for the effort anyway
OK, initially the Drupad plugin seems to be based on a jQuery plugin
So, I think it would quickest to build a Joomla module based on this jQuery plugin
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