Printing from Windows 7 to server 2003 Terminal Server

I'm struggling to print from Windows 7 clients to a server 2003 terminal server, any ideas.
Daniel ForresterDirectorAsked:
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Daniel ForresterConnect With a Mentor DirectorAuthor Commented:
none of the above worked.
I have many ideas but most of them are insane.

With respect to your question, can you provide any further details?

Can you get connected to the print queue?
What is the architecture of client/server (32 or 64 bit?)
What drivers have you got?
Do you get any output?
Any exact error messages?
Anything in the event logs?

Are you using a terminal server as a print server too?
Daniel ForresterDirectorAuthor Commented:
It's windows 7 32bit logging into a server 2003 32bit os.
HP Deskjet 5700 series.
No error message it just doesn't appear.
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You have Printer Mapping enabled in the Remote Desktop Client and at the server, correct?  

Have you tried another printer to make sure that remote printing is working and that your PC is setup correctly?

For that Deskjet 5700, I checked HP website and there is no 2003 driver.  Have you installed a driver for the Deskjet 5700 on the 2003 Server?  You can try the XP driver.

Also, Inside your PC, can you open the Printer Properties and find the PORT info.  Does it Say a USB... or a DOT4   in the name of the port.

Daniel ForresterDirectorAuthor Commented:
Print mapping enabled.
Remote printing is working for other userts.
XP driver is installed as this worked when the user had an xp lapto
USB001 is in use rather than dot4 I am aware of this issue.

All the above are the obvious things to try which I'd already done, this is purly down to a driver mismatch, do you know of any solutions to this?
Daniel ForresterDirectorAuthor Commented:
It's a windows 7 - server 2003 issue, don't think he grasped that
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