Routing issue


I have three network devices which are responsible for the internet connection.

One Zyxel Modem which handles the connection to the ISP
One Linksys Router which handles the internal network and also talks direct to the zyxel with their public ip addresses.
And finally, a third device which is a vpn box which connects into the corporate network.

I would like to force any traffic for the address range 172.26.101.x to go through the vpn dialler which sites on local network

Ive tried settomg a static route on the linksys but it say bad address range. Any ideas how I can force all traffic to the device


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Prashant ShrivastavaConsultantCommented:
You can only define a local address in static route for a gateway. What you need to try is to use internal IP address of the router as gateway for any traffic going to network.

route -p add mask A.B.C.B

Where a.b.c.d is internal IP of your third device that connects through VPN.

daiwhyteAuthor Commented:
Is there a file within windows which can redirect IP addresses? The host files does dns to ip, just wondering if there is a way it can redirect ip's?
daiwhyteAuthor Commented:
ok, thats worked. Is that route permanent or will it disappear when I reboot the machine?
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Prashant ShrivastavaConsultantCommented:
When you add with "-p" then is permanent.
daiwhyteAuthor Commented:
thank you.
Prashant ShrivastavaConsultantCommented:
You are welcome. Glad your problem is fixed :).
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