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Problem browsing "http://companyweb/" afer installing Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003

After installing SBS 2003 and successfully setting up web and email (OWA) access to our intranet through our registered domain at Network Solutions I discovered that when our internal network users try to access the http://companyweb portal they get an error that the site cannot be found.  There is no problems accessing the portal from outside the network (Internet), but the domain name cannot be resolved inside our network.  I checked and there is a record in the internal DNS server pointing the "companyweb" to our SBS server and I also checked IIS to make sure the website is active and without any obvious problems, but the site is still not resolving on the client PCs.  If they type the IP address it works, but I would like to make it work so that they users can just type "companyweb" in the browser to access the Intranet portal.  I would greatly appreciate any advice you can provide.  Thank you!
Jaime Bonilla
Jaime Bonilla
1 Solution
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Your domain name and your site name are probably the same when viewed from inside your network.  You'll likely need to set up DNS to uniquely identify the web server (call it www or something) so you can access it at http://www.company.tld.
Are the clients using only your internal server(s) for DNS?  Can you browse companyweb from the server itself?
Jaime BonillaSystems AdmininistratorAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys for the tips, but I just figured out that the problem had to do with the DHCP services.  When we first setup the SBS 2003 we did not setup DHCP because that was already working on the Firewall for the workstations, but I changed that by adding the DHCP services on the SBS server and now the computers are able to resolve the companyweb name on the browser without a problem.

However, I now have an issues with permissions trying to access the companyweb site.  None of the users accounts I created are able to access the site and I am not sure where the permissions for the companyweb site are set.  I normally just put the users on the regular user groups for accesing the workspace remotely and as domain users.  Any ideas?
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You need to create the accounts using the SBS Add Users wizard, adding the users under ADUC doesn't add the users to the Companyweb site. You can add the users to the site manually. Do you know if your CompanyWeb site is using WSS2 or WSS3?
Jaime BonillaSystems AdmininistratorAuthor Commented:
It is using WSS3, but I don't see the companyweb access management option anywhere when I use the SBS Add User wizard.  I don't use the ADUC for adding users.

Maybe I am supposed to add the permissions for the companyweb access with the WSS3 site management utility.  I will try that later and report back what I find.

Thanks again!
Jaime BonillaSystems AdmininistratorAuthor Commented:
The solution was helpful in that it provides a pointer to find a fix but it does not give clear instructions for the proper steps to correct the problem.


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