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SPSS Statistics Standard GradPack


I am interested in purchasing the SPSS Statistics Standard GradPack. I am mostly interested in factor analysis and item analysis functions. From what I gather from the links below, factor analysis is offered in the same form that it functions on the full version. However I cannot tell if I will be able to conduct item analysis in the same way as the full version, by going to analyze, scale, reliability in the menu. Will I be able to select descriptives  such as item, scale, scale if item deleted, and get cronbach's alpha with the Standard GradPack version?


thanks for you help!
1 Solution
The RELIABILITY functions are listed in the BASE datasheet (http://public.dhe.ibm.com/common/ssi/ecm/en/ytd03121usen/YTD03121USEN.PDF) and the command set is listed in the manual (my own).  BASE is included in the GradPack, based on the documentation you just sent.  

IBM does not enable only portions of commands and disable other portions, so if you have access to RELIABILITY, you have access to all of its options as well.  IBM also does not move analyses in its GUI between editions (e.g. full to student), so it is likely to be in the same place in the menus.  At least, as long as you aren't changing versions (e.g. 15 to 19).  They sometimes move things around between versions for no clear reason.

So the answer to your question appears to be "yes".  If you want to be absolutely sure, you can get their salespeople at 1-800-543-2185.

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