Point Internet Explorer to use 2nd network connection, windows 7

I have a Laptop hooked to a network with a gateway of 10.x.x.x

It also has a wireless connection with a gateway of 192.x.x.x

It is possible to point internet explorer to use the 192.x.x.x connection?
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An explanation of the Automatic Metric feature for Internet Protocol routes

As an FYI....
Just out of curiousity, why?

You can change the metric on the WIFI interface , but that's an "All or Nothing" scenario to force the use of a second network interface. . I am pretty sure you cannot customize it by application.....

BFanguyAuthor Commented:
The why is that when i download anything, I kill our WAN.

Yea, looks like building route tables is the only way but that opens up the world to my laptop with a bridge.

guess I will have to create a proxy server with a firewall.

No it's impossible to point IE for use a gateway.

You must use only your wireless connection. Create a route on your wireless gateway (all adress begenning by 10.x. use the gateway 10.x.x.x). The wireless gateway and the other gateway must be on the same network.
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