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We have a Drupal website that runs on Apache 2.2 and uses mysql database and php. It runs on a VmWare server with 1gb of Ram and 4 processors. But we are experiencing slowness when connecting to the website, we believe it's a network issue because we did a lot of testing on those servers, the database server running mysql and application server running the drupal website, but everything seemed normal.  Those apps running on windows server 2008.

What could cause the network traffic to slowdown?
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Michael KnightCommented:
How many computers on the network? Connection speed down/up? What tests have you run on the network itself? Anything fishy in the router logs?

Drupal sites are awesome but do require a bit of tweaking for performance. Going through all the steps really does help. I've noticed the major performance buff is achieved by turning enabling JS/CSS caching:

Enable CSS and JavaScript caching
1.Log in as a user with the admin role.
2.Go to Administer > Site Configuration > Performance (admin/settings/performance).
3.Set both Optimize CSS and Optimize JavaScript to Enabled.
This will aggregate and cache CSS and JavaScript files to reduce the number of requests made to your web server. (it's slow at first until th ecache is built)

Other performance enhancements are using http compression (mod_deflat, mod_gzip, etc.) on the Apache end
eAccelerator, APC, or xcache will tune performance on the PHP side

I have an Open Atrium (drupal) install running on a Ubuntu virtual server on an ubuntu host. I noticed the more I started to flesh out the site, the slower it got even on the LAN, so I knew it wasn't a network issue. The above tunes smoothed things out greatly.

If you're still not convinced it's a drupal thing, then your only other network considerations would be overall LAN traffic (a rouge workstation somewhere spamming the network) and bandwidth.
Prashant ShrivastavaConsultantCommented:
If you are running with 1GB RAM then I will suggest to increase this ASAP as if more and more people will connect this will become slower.However I am not sure if have done already but you need to consider many things before running MySQL on a virtual platform.

For Now I suggest just add RAM and enjoy :).
klajdiAuthor Commented:

I meant 4gb already on the server not 1gb my mistake. What should i consider running MySql on a virtual platform. With still 4gb and it still runs slow. What could be the issue?
klajdiAuthor Commented:

The changes you already mentioned are done. And also we are using eAccelerator and some other optimization changes in Mysql. We run the same setup on a testing environment but on physical servers and not on virtual environment with VmWare.

So we are thinking it's more of a network issue. What is a good open source to monitor the lan traffic and debug the issue?


Prashant ShrivastavaConsultantCommented:
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