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Windows Backup with Exchange 2010 - Incremental vs. Full Backup

Hello Everyone,

I am using Windows Server Backup on Server 2008 R2 with Exchange Server 2010. I have it set to backup a few times per day going to a network drive. In the settings I selected the C Drive, D Drive, System State and Bare Metal Recovery and made sure that it did a full VSS copy.

After the backup completes, it still says that it was an "Incremental Backup" and not a full backup. I am just wanting to make sure that the log files are there, etc... I did go under the "Configure Performance Settings" on the right side and made sure that all of the selected items were set to "Full Backup."

I know that when you copy to an external remote/network drive, it does overwrite the previous copy that was there. Perhaps it is updating the necessary information and only adding the files it needs compared to a whole new backup?

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