Application to alert user when device is plugged in

I have a need for my users to get some kind of confirmation that a USB device has been plugged in. I'd rather not have them check device manager for this. Has anyone seen anything like this? Thanks so much!
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jcimarronConnect With a Mentor Commented:
prlit--Do you want an alert only at the time the new device is attached or something that shows the device is connected after the fact?
Windows usually provides a little notice window down near the clock to tell you that a new device has been detected and is being installed.  (Plug and Play)  Once installed there is no more visual alert.
You can consider this program to tell you what devices are currently installed
Control Panel|Devices and Printers will also tell you the major devices that are attached.
Does the Device Insertion sound not suffice? Default is "Windows Hardware Insert.wav"

Easiest thing would be to create a custom .WAV and change the default.....
prlitAuthor Commented:
I was really hoping for something visual. Thanks.
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prlitAuthor Commented:
YES!!!!! I've been searching all day for something just like this. Thank you so much.
There's a couple 3rd party apps that I have seen that handle this type of "trigger". If the device logs an entry in the Event Viewer, you might be able to assign an event to it, based on Event ID, but most devices don't leave an entry.....

USB Detect & Launch

Never used that one, but similar to what I have seen in the past....

What kind of device? Maybe there is a service attached to the device we can act upon?

Just for giggles, tried to change the default .wav file above in the registry to an .exe, and it failed miserably.... Was curious.....

LOL... Glad you found the answer.....
prlit--You are most welcome!
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