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We want to bump the routers flash memory from 32M to 64M in cisco 1841. We have 32M flash with us, and router already has 32M... do we need a new 64 SD Flash compact memory or just inserting 32M would do the trick?
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John MeggersNetwork ArchitectCommented:
According to what I see, the 1841 uses a single external compact flash memory card.  So you would need to replace that card with a larger card.  This is coming from a Q&A page covering the 1841 router on Cisco's web site.  http://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collateral/routers/ps5853/prod_qas0900aecd80181208.html

I have an 1811 at my disposal and it's the same way.
Jimmy Larsson, CISSP, CEHNetwork and Security consultantCommented:
You can buy any CompactFlash-card on the street and put it in, and replace the existing 32Mb. I doubt though that you will find any 64Mb CF-card on market. I have put 2Gb CF-cards in my 1800-series routers, without any problem.

Just take the old CF out, put it in any computer, select "show hidden files", copy the entire content of the old CF-card to your computer, and then paste it back on the new CF-card.

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Jimmy Larsson, CISSP, CEHNetwork and Security consultantCommented:
All 1800:s are the same.

Best regards
totaramAuthor Commented:
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