what size of ups will run a CISCO 4510 e

Hi - I need to work out what size of UPS will be needed to run a CISCO 4510e-r for 30 minutes. Please assume that the switch will be fully populated with 48 POE ports and two supervisor engines.
Thank you.
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Garry GlendownConsulting and Network/Security SpecialistCommented:
(of course checking on the actual equipment is part of the process ;) that's why I left the command "show power" in the output ...)
Prashant ShrivastavaConsultantCommented:
on Full load you need 24KW UPS minimum to support it for 30 minutes.
Garry GlendownConsulting and Network/Security SpecialistCommented:
You can check the actual power usage:

#show power
Power                                             Fan      Inline
Supply  Model No          Type       Status       Sensor   Status
------  ----------------  ---------  -----------  -------  -------
PS1     PWR-C45-1400AC    AC 1400W   good         good     n.a.
PS2     PWR-C45-1400AC    AC 1400W   good         good     n.a.

Power supplies needed by system    : 1
Power supplies currently available : 2

Power Summary                      Maximum
 (in Watts)              Used     Available
----------------------   ----     ---------
System Power (12V)        555        1360
Inline Power (-50V)         0           0
Backplane Power (3.3V)     40          40
----------------------   ----     ---------
Total                     595        1400

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The above 4500 would (currently) use approx. 595 Watts (or VA), so one would need a 300VA UPS to let it run half an hour ...
To allow for aging of the batteries, and increase in power usage, I'd recommend at least twice the rating ...
Garry-G's method of determining power is good, but make sure you size it based on your own equipment rather than using the example as these devices can be equipped with power supplies up to 6000W.

After determining your current status, you may want to look at UPS sizing calculators such as
http://www.apc.com/template/size/apc/rslr/index.cfm provided by APC.
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