How To go to next if i click TAB key?

Hi All,

In my application, some times if i click tab key it is not moving to next item, it is going to some other items in a same Page.

Please advise me how to overcome this problem.
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haloexpertsexchangeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if what you wanted was all in a form you could dynamically set the tab index using the form.elements array but for any thing else, you could try document.getElementsByTagName('*') which should give you an array that has every element on the page that you can loop through.
what you need to do is to change the tab index on the elements.
BhanuSVSAuthor Commented:
Hi Halo,

Thanks For u r advise,

But the application is having lot of items, 70/80 including tabs,buttons,text items, so it is some difficult to add for all the items in every page, can u plz suggest me any easy way to do this if possible.
Read this :

By default, the natural tabbing order will match the source order in the markup.
BhanuSVSAuthor Commented:
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