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How to define a new variabel type in VB.NET

Let me explain with an example.

By variabel type I mean f. ex. Boolean, String, Integer etc....

A variabel defined as Boolean can only hold the values True or False. Asigning anything else to it would result in a runtime error and/or a syntax error.

I would like to define a variabel type that we could call BolleanExt. A variabel defined as BooleanExt can only hold the values True, False or None. Asigning any other value will result in an error.

Another example could be a variable type that can only hold the three values Abc, Def or Ghi.

Can someone give me an exaple code on how this new variabel type could be defined so I can declare variabels from it in my code the same way I declare any other ordinary variabel like: Dim var1 As String.
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Fist off, there is a thing called a nullable Boolean. This will have values of True, False, and Null.

Secondly, anything else can be achieved by defining a class (MyClass.vb) and implementing constructors, properties, etc that constrict the requirements of the values held by that class.
>Another example could be a variable type that can only hold the three values Abc, Def or Ghi.

You can use an Enum for that.

daghoffAuthor Commented:
The Enum concept looks interesting, but I would like to see how it is being done in a class. I have searched Internet for hours trying to find good examples of that without luck. I know it is out there somewhere, but the problem is to construct searches that gives me what I want. That’s way I turn to EE.

Please give me a good example code or a link to something that explains this in a simple way.
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> but I would like to see how it is being done in a class.
Not sure what you mean there. Using Enum within a class?
daghoffAuthor Commented:
Sorry for not expressing myself in a clear way.  Enum or not Enum is not relevant.

My question is how to define a new variabel type within a class in the simplest way using whatever that is needed.

I have no ide how this is to be done. This is a black box for me that I try to get inside.

There are two types of objects/variables

Primitives such as Integer, String, Boolean etc

Class Objects.  You can just define any class and then creates its variable. With regards to limiting the value that a variable can hold, you can use Enum if the range is limited, or you would have to implement some sort of logic. An example below

Public Class Person
Private _Age As Integer

Public Property Age
   Return _Age
End Get
Set(value as Integer)
    If value > 18 and value <100 Then
       _Age = value
    End If
End Set
End Class
If you want simple, you can use a struct, but that limits your abilities.

Public Structure MyVariable
    Public myValue As String
    Public myValue2 As Integer
End Structure

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