QOS and switches

I have a small network and want to upgrade my firewall to one that supports QOS so I can prioitize my VOIP traffic.
Do I need to upgrade my switches to QOS compatible switches also?
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Garry GlendownConnect With a Mentor Consulting and Network/Security SpecialistCommented:
Guess that depends on the speeds and utilization of your network ... if you're pushing enough traffic at times to drown out the VoIP traffic, then yes, but in many/most cases I've seen, the throughput and load of the networks didn't require QoS, the "virtual QoS" of the (decent) switches was enough to allow for the ~80kbit required per voice connection ... I'd just make sure that the QoS is working flawlessly on your router, though if you're going to some place in the internet for your VoIP uplink, chances are you'll rather have problems there than in your LAN ...
Depends on many factors. How your network is designed. Where will your policy enforcement point be? How will you be matching and marking the traffic?

If this simply for voice traffic over your wan and you will be match against traffic from a voice vlan or subnet, then I see no reason to enable the switches for qos. If you want qos at the interface level, then yes you will want qos on the switches.
1) If LAN is not choking Qos is not really needed but it is good practice to trust COS at switch level.
2) else u will have to do priotizing on basis of IP address ..so u will require separate voice subnet
    to give priority to voice ..
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