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New code in .as file is not picking by action script


I am new to action script 3.0. I am working on existing project created in flash

There are many .swf files call internally one after the other and there are many different .as files linked to one flash file

I have one flash file code where user submits the data called submitform.fla and code behind file for this file is submitform.as

This submitform.as is importing another file called UserData.as where we have all get and set properties defined

I am adding another property in this UserData.as file called setTitle() and getTitle()

It works good when I run my .fla file by exporting to .swf (I mean by runnig using command ctrl+enter)

But when I copy the same .swf file to the website where code is running my submit button stop working because I have added title to the UserData.as file

Now when I rename my UserData.as file to UserData2.as and change the reference everywhere in the code then it start working, but then I have issue with other .as file where I made changes.

I cannot rename all my .as files.

Why my submitform.as file is not including latest code in all refernced .as files.

Please help me if i have to do some kind of settings before publishing my .swf file

Please suggest

Many Thanks
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