New Toshiba Netbook NB505 -- Screen blank why moving mouse pointer

New Toshiba Netbook NB505 that I purchased for my wife yesterday evening.  A few times the screen has gone blank.  Once when I let it be idle for a few seconds.  The most recent time while I was moving the mouse pointer.  When the screen is blank, the computer still appears to be running.  For instance, hitting the left shift several times causing beeping (as if I've started the sticky keys diaglog window.)

Pressing the power button a few times (tapping it, holding it down for 20 seconds, etc., does eventually bring it back to life.)

Sounds like it's broken and should be returned.  But I wanted to check with others first.
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Hugh McCurdyAsked:
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Hi hmccurdy,well you should have no problems with warranty, but may I suggest you check the power settings and display settings
When you are on AC turn off the battery settings. Often times these are set to turn off very quickly to save the battery.
I had a laptop and my manufacturer recomended that I take the battery out when on AC.
Is this windows 7?
Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options
choose when to turn off the display
or hard discs or battery settings.
I'm on a desktop now
Let me know if that solves it


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i would not fiddle with it - just have it exchanged
Hugh McCurdyAuthor Commented:
I'll look at the power settings.  After I posted this, I got a noticed that Microsoft wanted to install 39 updates...  So, I let it do that.  I let it run for several hours last night, doing very little but getting baseball score updates.  Perhaps it was a driver issue.

Yes, this is Windows 7.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Ah yes we still get tons of updates in windows 7 never ending mindless patches.
So is it all better now after the updates?
thank you
Hugh McCurdyAuthor Commented:
I don't know if it's perfect after the patches but it's much better.  My wife is happy.  (She wants to write blog articles and netbooks are very portable.)

Thanks for the help.
Hugh McCurdyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the feedback.  Feedback is what I wanted.
Thankyou hmccurdy, for feedback you have definately picked the right place.
With any new product becoming familiar with it reading the manual using the Help and Support is very important to ensure a smooth experience.
Remember windows 7 does not have an email client so you will need to use either Outlook or install the windows Live Suite including Windows Live Mail
If you like to keep this one book marked
Windows Experience Index - Browse A to Z
Or simply use the Help and Support from Start
Anytime there is a problem you will see a white flag in the action center on the taskbar on the bottom right
Best Wishes
Hugh McCurdyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Merete.  E-mail is done through gmail, so that's not a problem.  She may still want Outlook for schedule management.  (Google is good enough for me but I have a fairly sparse schedule.)  I got her Office because she likes it better than Open Office.  (I'm the opposite but whatever.)

Thanks again.
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