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Hyper V Network Issue

Hi Experts!  I have a Hyper-V machine with one VM that - regardless of what I try - cannot seem to see the physical network.  I have installed (and re-installed) Hyper-V Tools, to no avail.  I have created a second Network entity, bound to the first (instead of the second) NIC, also to no avail.  I think I've covered most of the obvious bases, yet the machine still fails to "reach out" to the physical network: DHCP doesn't work, and I have only a few clues as to what might be happening.  It seems to show a Local Connection 8, DCHP-Enabled, Autoconfig Enabled, no IP or Subnet Mask, and then a "stub" for the VPN tunnel, which we're not using yet (anyway).  I think it has somehow - mo matter how I configure the Hyper V Network Settings - set upon the unused IP tunnel (or some other fictitious interface) as its Net Source, instead of NIC2 (Local Area Connection 5) to which it should be connecting.

Both NICs are connected to the switch, so we're not bound to an inactive NIC.  

I'm confused, and getting a little frustrated.  Is there some way to simplify this mess and make it work?

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- LongFist
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