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Best value Tablet around? Best bang for buck?

Ive heard The Advent Vegais good .......

What say you?
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Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Archos 101 maybe? I'd be looking for some reviews and compare those.
fcekAuthor Commented:


2. Archos love to charge extortionist prices for 'add-ons' that just turn on functionality you thought you paid for in their high device price, like codecs and satnav. Their app lib really, really sucks. I'm never buying another over priced, underwhelming Archos device again, ever.
The best value tablet was the TouchPad HP was dumping when they decided to stop manufacturing it.  It was a great buy at $200.

The tablet market is really segmented in high, middle and low end.  The iPad2 sits on the high end as the most desirable and the rest are basically Android tablets.  The Amazon Kindle Fire that is being released in Nov has had great reviews and may become the dominant player in that market, but what is considered the best tablet depends on what you want to use it for.

These articles give you lists to consider for different purposes:
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fcekAuthor Commented:

Thanks I will have a look at those urls
Arguably, the Ipad 2 is the best value. Sure it costs more, but generally it does more, is easier to use, faster, better. If you have a nearby Apple Store, it's easier to buy and support. There's a reason it's the most popular and that adds to the support base. It all depends on your needs and what price you're willing to pay. If you're familiar with PC history, the HP TouchPad is a bit like the NeXTcube, and a great value if it does what you need. Android is analogous to Windows. I've seen  some deals on Android based tablets around $300 like the Acer Iconia or the Toshiba Thrive. Don't rule out a used/refurbished Ipad (original) around the same price if it better meets your needs.

If you're looking for a smaller screen, I'll second the Kindle Fire as a very promising candidate at $200. Depending on your needs, the Color Nook at $100-150 might be a better value for you (it's going for more now, but price should drop shortly after Kindle Fire sales take off and/or the rumored Color Nook 2 is announced/released).


For me, I vote best value: Ipad 2 and Kindle Fire
best bang for buck: Ipad and Color Nook ($150)

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