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Trying to decide which way to go input appreciated iMac 27 or stay with a PC

I was looking at the iMac 27 and man was it fast ... I do a lot of video editing and I never saw anything so smooth like butter ....

I have been using PC forever ... but before I lay the money out I want some input ...

the iMac 27 6 gig and 1 Terabyte drive .... Final Cut Pro X and iMovie both were silky smooth with HD video ... from the timeline the video being edited looked like it was already rendered ... this has got me drooling ... but itsw a MAC meaning there is a lot of windows based programs I will miss out on but that might be ok ...

Unless I might could do a PC with SOny Vegas and it be as smooth or premiere pro even ...
Do I have to break the bank on a PC just to get it as fast as what I just saw at best buy

Cause that was amazing fast and smooth ... I have even seen it render in the background while continuing to work with no noticeable problems at all

So any advice .... cause the one thing I will miss for sure is Visual Basic ... writing for windows though I have heard mixed thoughts about running it  I think they called it virtually or something like that but many said that was not good ...
But again its for the editing of video that mostly has my attention

Way Cool

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Install Windows on the MAC alongside the MAC OS it uses with VMware Fusion. Then you can still use Windows programs at the same time as running MAC Apps. You will just need an additional Windows License. Or you should also be able to install Windows in Dual boot mode, also here you'd need an additional Windows License, but you couldn't use both OS's at the same time that way. Either boot into one or the other.

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There are 3 major programs that let you run Windows (or any OS) in a Virtual Machine on a Mac. The two you pay for are VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop. The free one is VirtualBox. I've tried it and it works pretty well, though it's missing a lot of the extra features that the other two have. There are plenty of reviews online you can read through to see what the differences are and each of the paid ones gives you a trial period to check them out.
These virtualization applications run Windows in a Virtual Machine on top of the MacOS. It's a separate computer running Windows (or almost any other OS). You can run it in a window (so you can minimize your Windows OS or have it in a window or have it full screen). Fusion and Parallels each have an option to run Windows in such a way that the applications run in their own Windows alongside your OSX apps and you don't really notice you are running Windows anymore.

I am using an older iMac (24") and I run VMware Fusion on it to run my Windows applications. I haven't run into any major issues or found any applications that don't work pretty well (though I haven't really tried much). You won't see the exact same performance from a virtual machine as if it were running on physical hardware, but it's fairly close (as long as you create the VM with enough resources). If you mainly want it for programming, then it should perform just fine.

I still use Windows everyday at work and use it on my servers, but I like OSX for my desktop, even if I do have to still run Windows alongside it for a few applications.

Hope this helps.
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Both very helpful

junior15 ... Question ... To the heart of my question or decision before me ... is it better then to get a PC and not worry about virtual or is it worth having that iMac ... it was cool and smooth for video editing
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I appreciate all who participated but Junior really gave me some insight I was looking for and why I am choosing this as the solution.

 I look forward to my iMac ... I can't wait to do my video editing on it. Thank you for the time you took to explain all you yourself have done and your feelings as to the results of your use of a mac and windows. Really opened my eyes a lot. Thank you.
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Glad I could help. I hope you enjoy your new iMac.
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