Firefox won't show just one website

Firefox 7/01 on WIN7/64 has suddenly stopped showing only one website. "New York University Medical School." I can get the website on IE9 and I can get the website using Firefox private browsing, but when I try to call it up in regular firefox I get:

The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.

Your support ID is: 13484980034107915971

I have uninstalled and reinstalled FF twice. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Java. It's the only site I can't get. As I said, I can get it with IE9 and with FF in Private browsing, but not regular browsing.

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Sounds like your profile is bad.

Open: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Mozilla\FireFox\Profiles

Backup the bookmarks if you want from the profile name (it will be a random string)

then erase all of the profiles. The next time you start firefox they will be rebuilt, :D

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PS The reason it works in private (assuming i'm correct ;)) is because Private Mode starts a blank session which is erased upon exit. This is what makes me confident it is a profile issue (most likely cookies/cache)

You can try clearing all cookies/cache first if you'd like
normanmlAuthor Commented:
I cleared the cache and history and still no go, then I noticed that, after an uninstall, reinstall, the desktop/taskbar icons would not open the program. So I deleted them. Then in win explorer I couldn't find the exe. I mean it had disappeared. So using Revo Uninstaller, a real gem, I wiped the computer of Firefox one more time, reinstalled, set up private browsing, found the site I couldn't get to, bookmarked it, closed Firefox, started it up again, used the bookmark to get the the site. Closed Firefox again, restarted, and this time I could type in the URL and get there. I'm guessing that in all of this the profiles somehow got rebuilt. Thanks for the help.
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