add registry entry in answer file

I have a win7 ghost ss 2.5 image and have forgotten a simple reg key in the image, don't want to retake image. it maybe needs applying in the answer file sysprep.XML, where in the answer file can I add this and to which pass?
it could be a reg add "hklm\software\etc..." command line?

maybe a simpler idea? I cant use gpo, too late in boot process.
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ScottyworldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can actually edit the registry of a ghost file to save doing a re-image
Open the .gho file in Ghost Explorer and navigate to C:\windows\system32\config
Extract the relevant file for the registry part you need to edit (default,sam,security,software,system)
Now use regedit and load the hive you just extracted
Make your changes, unload the hive and insert back into your Ghost image using Ghost Explorer again.

NOTE: Once you have extracted the file, keep an original copy of it somewhere, as sometimes the file gets corrupted when re-inserting (which although doesn't affect your image, stops you editing it a second time) - I found this a problem in Ghost explorer a couple of years ago, not sure if they've ficed it yet
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