How can I reference the NAME of a sub procedure within the procedure

I want to refer to the name of the sub from with in the procedure for error checking.
For Example

ErrMes = "Error - " & Error & " In Sub Procedure " &

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You'll have to just hard code it for each sub.
p-platerAuthor Commented:
Is there NO way to make it dynamic?
What about reffering to the Module name?
Declare a public string, and at the beginning of each
procedure you change the text name assigned to the
public string, example below:

Public subname as string

Sub my_sub()
  subname = "my_sub"
 'Your code  or whatever here....
End sub

error subroutine would now be:

ErrMes = "Error - " & Error & " In Sub Procedure " & subname

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hi P-Plater,

I have never tried the sub listed on the below link, but Chip's code is usually fantastic so I recommend having a read of this page: which automates the inclusion of a constant containing the name of the procedure. If you are confident enough, you may even be able to incorporate your error message by modifying Chip's code.

Rory ArchibaldCommented:
Or download the free MZ Tools addin from here:

It will make your coding life so much easier!

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I agree Rory :-)

This reminds me... is there a "portable version" of MZ Tools which doesn't need to be installed?

My workplace IT department will not let me install freeware, so my coding life isn't as easy as it could be at work. A few months ago, when I had some coding intensive projects on the go, I actually took my home laptop to the office and swapped files between my machines using a usb stick. There were some questions asked, but, unfortunately people believed and accepted that my approach was more effective than lobbying I.T.!
However, it's not very convenient on a day to day basis, so I'm not doing that at the moment and I know that my coding efficiency is dramatically lower :(

Rory ArchibaldCommented:
Not that I know of, I'm afraid - perhaps you could write one? :)
If you make a donation, would they count it as paid-for?
That's a bummer, but what I expected. I have thought about writing one - in fact, I have started on a slightly easier challenge by starting to convert the historical zipped version of the Smart Indenter for "excel 5 and 95". It was about two months ago I started to look the code in the addin to see if I could apply the concepts and update the code syntax to work in Excel 2007. However, it's been put on the back burner for the moment...

I wish that a donation would make them consider it as paid-for, but when I asked that question all I got in return was a chuckle from the local IT guy.

Anyway, that's enough thread-hijacking by me...

Is either Rory's (if you have sufficient permissions for installing MZ Tools - a fantastic product) or my suggestion (Chip's code) more enticing than manually modifying all of your Subs?

Rory ArchibaldCommented:
You may want to have a chat with Lisa at the code cage as she is working on an xlam addin that has some of the MZ tools functionality, I think.
Thanks Rory, I'll get in touch with her - I'm just reading through her write up now :-)
For anyone who is interested, the relevant links to Lisa's addin pages are (you may need to complete a free sign-up):

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