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We have been going through a vendor website for many years for most of our purchases.  They offer no deals or rewards for anything including how long we have been a customer or how much we have bought.

What are some of the best vendors out there that offer competitive prices and also a rewards type program?

Thank you.
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ErikCamachoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have dealt with CDW for years and you really need to stay on top of your vendors. overall their prices are pretty reasonable. Stay on top of your rep and price out your common purchases through multiple vendors and have them match it. if you purchase high enough volume and since you already have a relationship with your vendor they should be able to establish a reasonable pricing tier for you. Watch out though when dealing with new vendors as they always offer you great pricing to establish you as a customer and then slowly start increasing your prices. Especially when dealing with local vendors they will give you your first purchases at nearly a loss and slowly start to bump it up.

Just my two cents from years of multiple companies and vendors.
uescompConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have always used technet, you build a relationship, and we purchase at a high volume so they slash prices for us.  CDW is also another good one that will give you discounts, as ErikCamacho stated you have to stay on top of those reps, I usually get at least 3 quotes from vendors and put them head to head.

Put it this way, you want appliances, they want business, better to have them fight for your business vs you fight them for your appliances.

I also like to look at response time to help weigh in some of our vendors and let them know it.  So when it comes down to comparing apples to apples, one vendor might have given you more info/faster response vs the other.  Let the rep know (they like attaboys) and might provide better service etc.
AmerilabdvickersAuthor Commented:
We do have a variety of vendors.  I will check out CDW and technet.

Thank you.
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