How to clone a SQL Server 2005 maintenance plan

I'm new to SQL Server and have inherited a SQL Server environment with several maintenance plans already in place. Some of the plans are quite complicated. I'd like to make a duplicate of the one the plans and make changes to the copy. If the changes don't work as intended, I'll have the original that I can continue to use.

Is this possible? I didn't see an obvious way in SSMS to copy/clone a maintenance plan.


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data_bitsdbaAuthor Commented:
The problem is that the Integration Services are not installed on the source SQL Server.
data_bitsdbaAuthor Commented:
I got Integration Services installed and can get to the point where I can export the maintenance plan. The next question has to do with the export package wizard.

It asks for the "Package path", after entering the Package location (SQL Server), and the Server name.
Is this a path where is will export the package to? If I enter E:\Backups\Exports, will it export it to that folder on the E-drive?

Or is it a name that I give it?
data_bitsdbaAuthor Commented:
I successfully exported the plans and imported them back in my server. I renamed it in the process, IMPORT-Full_Backup_Plan. The original name of the plan is Full_Backup_Plan.

However, when I try to schedule tbe "cloned" plan, I get this error:
Rename failed for Job Schedule 'Full_Backup_Plan Subplan_1'.
There are several subplans associated with this. Do I need to schedule the individual subplans first and then do the toplevel plan?

Can you help?
data_bitsdbaAuthor Commented:
Wanted more detail and response to questions
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