How to deploy SharePoint Web Parts from a Visual Studio Development Environment to Production

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When developing Sharepoint 2010 Web Parts with Visual Studio, I understand you need to have SharePoint installed on the same development box. (This all works fine) Now when we need to deploy the solution/ Web part to our Production SharePoint server do we simply export the web part and upload through Sharepoint? or do we need Visual Studio on the Production box also?

And should we deploy using the sandbox option?

We managed to deploy web part using the sandbox option but when our developer made changes to the solution and redeployed we still only see the old web part. (We deactivated the old web part and even deleted it ) It's as if it is being cached. Any ideas?
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First there are several ways to deploy web part to production. One way is manual way, you can copy dll of your webpart to production and then upload webpart file to SharePoint web part library (I guess this is what you did).
The other way (the better way) is to deploy web part inside wsp package. You should build wsp package in Visual studio, copy package to production server and deploy package usinf PowerShell or stsadm (

In both case you should if you want to deploy webpart as sandbox or not (this is security question). As for caching, the webpart dll may be cached in w3wp process, did you reset iis after dll update?
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