Photoshop Elements Pics are locked to incorrect path...

I think I need a way to reset the tags or properties of My Phoshop Elements 8.0 app.  A large amount of my photos are showing a path to a computer and a folder that doesn't exist on our workgroup anymore.  I suppose Element skeeps a temp/cache/auxiliary copy of photos on the local drive, otherwsie I shouldn't be able to view the pictures as they are labeled in the properties.

We used to have photos save to another workgroup computer.  That computer has been renamed, and the photos have been moved into My Pictures on the current computer.  Elements is still locked into the old path mapping.  If I select to view the properties of a photo, it still shows a path to a computer name that no longer even exists on our workgroup.  

I do have a backup copy of the photos, but I don't know if the tags are present on that copy of the photos folders.  I would like to preserve the tags on the current pics, but since the photos are mapped incorrectly, and the program is not working properly (slow/delayed browsing, low-definition, etc.) I need to reset the folder library, regardless of the tagging, if it needs to be deleted along with the old photo cache.

Very confused here, but hopefully someone will know about how Elements works and stores and can help us out.


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Here are two things you can try:
1. Relocate Missing Files:
Reconnect to one or more missing files

Most often, missing files appear in the Photo Browser with the missing file icon ; however, you may not be aware that a file is missing until you attempt to use it, such as to print, e-mail, edit, or export the file, at which point the Reconnect Missing Files dialog box will open.

    In Photo Browser or Date view, do one of the following:

        Select one or more items with the missing file icon  in the Photo Browser. Then choose File > Reconnect > Missing File.

        Choose File > Reconnect > All Missing Files. It’s not necessary to select the missing items in the Photo Browser. Photoshop Elements begins validating all of the items in your catalog and, if the exact match is found, it reconnects the file.
    If an exact match isn’t found, do one of the following in the dialog box that appears:

        Wait while Photoshop Elements searches for the missing files. If it cannot find and reconnect some files, the Reconnect Missing Files dialog box opens.

        Click Browse to open the Reconnect Missing Files dialog box and manually find and reconnect missing files.

        Click Cancel to stop the search.
    In the Reconnect Missing Files dialog box, select one or more missing files from the Files Missing From Catalog list (on the left). Shift-click to select files in a series. Ctrl-click to select nonadjacent files.

    Information about the selected photo appears below the list.
    Under Locate The Missing Files (on the right), do any of the following:

        To navigate to the file or files, click the Browse tab to see the last known folder location for the file. Navigate to the new location of the file or files. Select a folder or drive and click Find to search that folder or drive for the files. When you find the file, select it and click Reconnect.
        Note: Find works for files that have been moved to a different folder but not renamed or deleted, or for files that have been renamed but not moved. If files have been renamed and moved, Photoshop Elements lists files that have different names but the same modification date and size as the disconnected files. You can then choose from these close matches.

        To see close matches of a selected file, click the Show Close Matches tab. If your file appears, select it and click Reconnect.

        To remove any reference to the selected items from the catalog, click the Delete From Catalog button. Use this option if the original has been deleted and there is no file to reconnect. This option has the same effect as deleting the items from the Photo Browser without deleting them from the hard disk.
        Note: The files that could not be reconnected are still visible in the missing files list.
        Reconnecting missing files

            Select one or more items from an old folder location

            Select the tab for browsing or showing close matches

            Navigate to the new location and select the file to reconnect to

            Click Reconnect

    Click Close.

    If you still have disconnected files after closing the Reconnect Missing Files dialog box, a message appears stating that some files remain disconnected. If you would like to continue with the other files, click Yes; otherwise, click No to end your original action.


Restore Default Preferences:

Preference settings control how Photoshop Elements displays images, cursors, and transparencies, saves files, uses plug-ins and scratch disks, and so on. If the application exhibits unexpected behavior, the preferences file may be damaged. You can restore all preferences to their defaults.
 Press and hold Alt+Control+Shift immediately after Photoshop Elements begins launching. Click Yes to delete the Adobe Photoshop Elements settings file.

A new preferences file is created the next time you start Photoshop Elements. For information on a specific preference option, search for the preference name in Help.

Hope this helps.
Well I think you should re install it if you haven't already.  I think if you are still running the same installed version you have been, it will send the photos to the folder which the old install was located.  So I would suggest deleting the program fully and re-installing it.  This should clear it up for you.  If it doesn't, there should be some settings in Options somewhere that will re-located save pictures.
Jarrod731Author Commented:
I uninstalled, restarted and reinstalled.  the pics are still showing properties that map to the old computer.  Maybe I need to do some sort of "burn it to the ground" uninstall?  Where does photoshop elements keep the pictures properties information? where does it keep the tags?  I wish there was a clear and rebuild gallery button...
Jarrod731Author Commented:
Oddly enough...File>reconnect missing files didn't work as hoped.  Elemenets believes the files that were on the now renamed and non-existent location is merely a removable volume ("One or more selected items are located on removable volumes.  Please attach the listed volumes to continue.") and therefore skips it when finding missing files.
Is there a way to Refresh removable volumes locations or something like that?
**In fact, more importantly...where are the Tags located? Are they with the pics...OR...linked to the pics via a Program files/Elements folder?  I have the photos, but am worried that I am going to lose the tags if I blow up the gallery and re-establish.  
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