Replicating Public folders across forest domains from 2007 to 2010

I have installed a new domain, exchange 2010. I have migrated users and mailboxes across from 3 seperate domains to this new domain which will become the new domain for the entire corporation.

One thing I have forgotten about is the public folders. Each of these seperate domains have exchange. 2 domains have exchange 2007 sp1 and 1 has exchange 2003 sp3.

How do I configure public folder replication to the new exchange 2010?
Also, since this new exchange will host the ENTIRE organisation, I want to change the destination path to which the public folders are replicated TO.
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Network_PadawanAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys will take a look today and tomorrow and get back to you.
Network_PadawanAuthor Commented:
thanks but I ended up doing all the permissions manually as the syncing process just didnt work
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