Configuring JBoss to read messages from remote queue on another host

I have 2 Java apps, one that writes messages to a JMS queue using JBoss.

And another that reads those messages from a JMS queue also using JBoss.

The 2 apps read and write messages between one another when I run them both from the host.  By default, they use "localhost" as the namingProviderURL.

When I move the reader to a different host and change the namingProviderURL properties value to the IP address where the writer app is running, in this case "namingProviderURL =", the reader sits idle.

The output from the Reader app does confirm that that it's listening to the remote host:

DEBUG org.jnp.interfaces.TimedSocketFactory - createSocket, hostAddr: /, port 1099, localAddr: Null, localPort: null, localPort: 0, timeout: 0

But I do not see any of the messages being read and discarded from the queue on the remote host.  It seems the Reader app is still reading from its localhost.

Is there another JBoss properties I missed to configure my installation to get the apps to exchange messages between systems?
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regevhaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should use the following property "java.naming.provider.url". For example, java.naming.provider.url=localhost:1100
(reference -
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