Exchange server 2010 ent edition co exist with exchange server 2003 ent edition

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I have a forest functional level and domain functional level of my domain 2008.  I have exchane server 2003 ent edition at the moment.  I would like to install on a brand new hadware exchange server 2010 ent edition.  For few months I would like my existing exchange server 2003 to still handle all the mail, which roles I will not be installing on the new exchange server 2010 so that there is no interferrance between the two? and mail will still flow from exchange server 2003 while exchange 2010 is also on the domain.  After few months which roles I will introduce so that I can move everything to the new exchange server 2010.  
-Also I need to know which Role or feature in exchagne 2010 if enabled start sending and receiving mail?
amanzoorNetwork infrastructure AdminAsked:
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I think if you want to start with only specific role then Please go ahead and install the CAS server role only. But i will personally suggest you to not to install any thing as it will require loads of settings that need to be altered. better to wait as exchange 2010 is not created for the coexsistence.    
@sumit_arora please don't induce the OP in error!

Exchange 2010 and 2007 and 2003 can coexist happily for years
You can install exchange 2010 and not affect mail flow, you would create a unidirectional routing group connector to handle mailflow between environments.
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