SBS2k3: Recovery Storage Group

After recovering my Store, I am trying to import / merge it with the new store.

I am seemingly having some issues with getting the correct steps.  I have the recovered DB in the RSG folder, but it is not picking it up, it is however creating a new Store.  Is there some definative guide.

Thank you.
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gjacobseAuthor Commented:
I needed to add Administrator with Full access to the user's Exchange.

AD/U&C - user, Exchange Advanced, Mailbox Rights, Advance, Add, Administrator, Select all options but: External Address.

Ok to exit.
Em ManCommented:
check the middle part of this page.

ro download this Docs from Microsoft
You should create the recovery storage group first
Then add the database to be recovered
Mount the database
Then recover mail back to the original mailbox

In order for the recovered database to mount you might need to perform a soft recovery and bring it upto data by replaying log files. If the logfiles are gone you may need to perform a hard recovery.

Both recovery tasks are performed with eseutil.
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gjacobseAuthor Commented:
It would appear that the log files are having a tad bit of a issue, as I am not able to re-mount the store in the RSG without an error saying it will create a blank database.

Is there a method to create the needed log files from the STM and EDB files?
Ug your missing logfiles then your going to have to perform a hard recovery which unfortunately will lose data
gjacobseAuthor Commented:
I Started from zero in an effort to figure out what happened.  I can go to the RSG and mount the store,.. but it is not the store that I need to mount to recovery mail from.

EXmerge doesn't like my file either.  Here is a diretory of the RSG:
 Volume in drive C has no label.
 Volume Serial Number is 4883-0859

 Directory of C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\Recovery Storage Group

10/13/2011  07:40 PM    <DIR>          .
10/13/2011  07:40 PM    <DIR>          ..
10/09/2011  11:14 PM         5,242,880 E00.log
10/09/2011  12:07 PM         5,242,880 E0000001.log
10/09/2011  12:10 PM         5,242,880 E0000002.log
10/09/2011  12:10 PM         5,242,880 E0000003.log
10/09/2011  12:11 PM         5,242,880 E0000004.log
10/09/2011  12:16 PM         5,242,880 E0000005.log
10/13/2011  07:17 PM    <DIR>          Exmerge
10/10/2011  10:10 PM           353,048 Exmerge.EXE
10/13/2011  07:16 PM         2,105,344 Mailbox Store (SERVER).edb
10/13/2011  07:16 PM         2,105,344 Mailbox Store (SERVER).stm
10/13/2011  07:39 PM             8,192 R00.chk
10/13/2011  07:16 PM         5,242,880 R00.log
10/13/2011  07:16 PM         1,048,576 R00tmp.log
10/09/2011  12:03 PM         5,242,880 res1.log
10/09/2011  12:03 PM         5,242,880 res2.log
10/13/2011  07:30 PM            32,768 rsg.pst
10/13/2011  07:40 PM                 0 rsg.txt
10/13/2011  07:16 PM         1,056,768 tmp.edb
10/10/2011  12:38 AM    15,427,182,592 v1.edb
10/09/2011  11:33 PM     6,169,829,376 v1.stm  
           19 File(s) 21,650,907,928 bytes
               3 Dir(s)  111,804,981,248 bytes free

v1 at 15.4GB is the Priv.edb file and b1 is the public.edb file that I am trying to recover and merge into my new and current store.  the RSG create the Mailbox Store (SERVER).edb & Mailbox Store (SERVER).stm files, but I can't seem to move forward.
gjacobseAuthor Commented:

The old Store is now in a mountable state.

Problem now is that I have two stores, which need to be merged.  I would prefer to keep the new store and pull in the old data to it.  I've attempted to use EXMERGE on both Stores with no success.

Looking at the log files from EXMERGE, there seems to be a permissions issue, which generates 1 success and 37 failures.
gjacobseAuthor Commented:
Determined that it was possible to mount either store, then continue with EXMerge as previously known.
gjacobseAuthor Commented:
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