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I just installed a new exchange server 2010 with server 2008 64 bit. All users can connect to the active sync via there iphones/android devices i have one user that it keeps saying cannot connect to server.

But, if I change his password to the "wrong" password it tells me the password is incorrect!! His account is enabled for activesync I have double checked that via the GUI interface. I have tried his account from a working phone as well to verify that its nothing to do with the phone. The phone will also connect to other accounts perfectly so it has to be something with his exchange account any thoughts??
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AkhaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In exchange 2010 activesync won't work for any member of AD protected groups (like domain admins, enterprise admins etc...)

 so make sure your user isn't part of any protected group and follow the below

1) Remove the user from the protected group

2) Goto active directory users and computers, view > advanced features
Go to the user account, security tab and >  advanced button.
and tick Include inheritable permissions from this object’s parent.  wait 5 minutes for replication

Now activesync will work
k_hoffhinesAuthor Commented:
The users that do have issues are the users that were already members of the domain. The new users are the ones that are working correctly.
I've seen this before with IPhones and it could be down to the way apple interpret active sync policies. If your user is using a strong Password with multiple special characters then the phone Meses this up slightly. For starters I would create a new active sync policy using basic pin passwords and assign the user to this policy if this works then you can experiment with the users password to find one that works.
Use Microsoft Remote Connectivty Analyzer to aid in isolating the issue:

If it is a protected group issue follow these steps for testing.

The common practice I use is to create a separate admin account for administration purposes.  for example say jmunson is the user accouint with a mailbox I'll create jmunson_admin or something to that effect and use that for administrative purposes.
k_hoffhinesAuthor Commented:
Thanks!! Fixed right away!!
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