APC Back Ups 1000 RS 4 Beeps Never Stop

Hello All,

    I have a small Back-Ups 1000 RS unit.  The red replace battery LED went off so I replaced the battery.  Now it comes up but every few minutes it will beep 4 times and the replace battery LED flashes.  Looked in manual and can't find anything on this beeping.  I checked the connectors and I even let the battery discharge which it took almost 30 minutes with a load on it which tells me battery is pretty solid.  Any thoughts?
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This may help.  Interesting thread.  Note that you must have at least 30% load during recalibration.


Perform a Runtime Calibration. This is a manual procedure and should not be confused with the runtime calibration performed through PowerChute software. The batteries inside of the Smart-UPS are controlled by a microprocessor within the UPS. Sometimes it is necessary to reset this microprocessor, especially after the installation of new batteries. Stop the PowerChute software from running and disconnect the serial cable. There must be at least a 30% load attached to the UPS during this procedure, and this load cannot fluctuate more than +/- 5%. This process will cause the UPS to shut off and cut power to its outlets, therefore, attach a non-critical load to the UPS and then force the UPS on battery by disconnecting it from utility power. Allow the unit to run on battery until it turns off completely. Make sure a 30% load is present! Plug the UPS back into the wall outlet and allow it to recharge.
bobohostAuthor Commented:
Tried that suggestion but no dice.  I'm thinking it could be the device.
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