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Which Windows Server I should Choose?

Hi Friends,

I have to setup New office (for 35-50 Users) with the following requirements:-

* Exchange Server for OWA (most of the time all users will access email from outside only).
* Remote Work Web Place (to access PC remotely )
* Accessing Custom App, Printer & file/folder from remotely,

I want to host 4 domains email accounts to be hosted on my exchange server which are currently on GoDaddy.com

Pls suggest:

* What kindly of Windows Server Software I should Choose?
* Which Hardware I should opt?
* brief about CALs also..

Kindly advice accordingly .....

Many thanks in advance...

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1 Solution
You should be able to use SBS2011 for this.
However you would need to purchase cals accordingly. The email domains are not a problem

For the hardware it depends, but note that SBS2011 needs atleast 4GB of ram and 80GB HDD or it won't even install. The rest of the HW would be chosen judging from the ammount of people using RWW at the same time.

If I were you I would purchase esx essentials and a good server, then virtualise a 2008r2 server for exchange/DC and another server for RDS. or even one more server to install exchange seperate from the DC which is recommended.

This is obviously more expensive.
Minimum RAM for SBS 2011 is 8GB, i would suggets at least 12GB
waynej1979 , you're indeed correct i was mistaking it's 8GB
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dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
Thanks for your expert advice.....

going a bit in dept.....

* would i be able to host emails for all my 4 domain with a single registered IP with revers pointer...
* would I be able to do this setup with ADSL connection with Dyndns.org or a single registered IP?
* Which CALs would be required....?
* Any model no for Server H/W....in HP / IBM..?
* I would rather go for physical server not for virtual....I want  to go for 1 DC, 1 Exchange, Gateway/Security Srv, thus suggest accordingly..

kindly advice ....
You need a fixed IP in order to receive mails.
You can host 4 domains without problem
The cals would be Remote desktop services cals+exchange cals + server 2008r2 CALS
I would suggest an HPML350 or DL series with 6-12 GB for 2008r2 DC
and the same for the exchange.

I want to know wether you are planning a dedicated TS server?

and a Gateway/Security server would not be needed imo, I would suggest buying a Hardware firewall like a watchguard xtm505 with UTM security bundle.

dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
thanks setasoujiro for your prompt reply,

what i understand......

* Exchange server be able to send / receive emails for all 4 domains...
* cals = 25 cals for Remote desktop - 20 for exchange cals - 5 for server 2008 cals (as per requirement)

* Hardware firewall V/S Software Firewall = Cant I use MS forefront..? is it not included into SBS Server 2011?
* Dedicated TS server = Yes....but will users be able to login from remotely using RD connection from public/home computer?

Basically most of the users will be loggin / accessing 3-4 application remotely (company custom app+IE+MS Office..etc) into TS with there ThinClient or Remote Desktop Connection(MSTSC).

I request you to advice me the right way to do this setup as per my requirements...

many thanks in advanced......
I don't understand anymore:
You say you want DC and exchange seperate, but then you go on about SBS?
sbs is exchange + dc in one...

the exchange cals are required per user who accesses the mailserver, as is for 2008 and for remote desktop.
Do you have any idea about the budget?
also please specify in detail what you want, is it a SBS or several servers?
I think that SBS with premium addon pack may be a solution here. Set up the second server as Remote Deskotp Server.
As @setasoujiro has already stated SBS is an all in one solution, DC and Exchnage will be on the same server. If you want to seperate this function then you will require full blown windows and exchange server.

An idea on budget would also be helpful
dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
Sorry for delay in reply

@ setasoujiro : Yes I need DC & exchange separate, abt SBS = Pls advice the right product.....as said earlier...

@waynej1979 : SBS premium 2011 or 2008? and what is addon pack ?

I prefer to setup all 3 server (DC, Exchange, TS) separate, pls advice the right product & links accordingly..

Budget should not be a problem for right & reliable setup.

awaiting for your valuable & curable advice / suggestions...

many thanks once again in advanced...

ok then you don't want SBS , because this is all in one, instead you want a Server for DC, 1 for Exchange, and 1 for remote desktop services.
So 3 machines.

This is why i proposed ESX or other virtualisation, then you can put these 3 machines on 1 physical machine and save on hardware. maybe buy another machine as failover, but certainly not 3 machines.

What you need in short:
3 server 2008r2 Standard
1 Exchange 2010 SP1 License
Exchange CALS
Server CALS

the hardware is hard to choose in your place. But as said i would look into HP ML350 or DL365-380
Also dou you have anything planned for backup?
dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
thanks for prompt reply.

Yes....its correct,
I need 3 physical server (till now no plan for verbalization)

regards to licenses: I need following licenses
3 2k8 r2 licenses?
1 exchange 2k10 license?
Server CALs = ?

your ESX proposal is also considerable, but unfortunately I am not much familer with ESX, I can put 3 machines on a single physical ESX machine ...but kindly advice the proper fail over solution.....

also share you expert advice on backup of exchange & fileserver ...
3 licenses for 2008r2, since you want 3 servers.
1 exchange license standard 2010 SP1 for mail
and then the amount of exchange using people is the amount of exchange cals
the amount of people accessing the server , in this i mean "every user in ad should be licensed" with a cal
please note that both these licenses are not required to be inserted/applied to the server, it's just expected from you to have them lying in the office when you get a check for licenses

the RDP cals are required, and need to be applied in a RDS license server, which is a role to be installed on one of the servers.

For backup i would recommend backup exec 2010, with active directory/windows and exchange agents. and maybe a tapedrive or external storage to use as backup media.

For esx, i would suggest buying vsphere , but this is ofcourse also costly, but so is an additional server so it would be almost the same. But do note that to use esx, your servers would need atleast 16GB of ram for these 3 servers, but prferably more.
It's your choice :)
dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
Thanks setasoujiro for your quick reply n sorry once again for not to reply in time.....

3 licenses n 1 for exch n RDP are okay...

buying esx seems to be bit costly then physical server for fail over......any other solution / advice for failover?

I request you to kindly brief about TS server implementation according to my need below:

* All remote / local users must login to TS to access 3-4 company-customized applications, Windows Live Msger, Internet Explorer, MS Office etc=How?
* What would i opt for client PC ( local / remote users)
* for security reasons & as company policy we need to record + monitor all user activity logged into TS=How?

Kindly share your expert advice to reach me at best solution as per my need.

awaiting for your valuable advice......

many thanks in advanced....
OK, this question seems to spin a little out of control, since you clearly have more then 1 question :)
i suggest you close this one and mail me for more info: seta.soujiro2070@gmail.com
dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
thanks for your reply / advice...pls accept 500 points...

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