Services.exe 100%cpu usage - plug and play

Hi all,

I have an issue with a Dell Windows XP Pro SP3 PC.  Services.exe process consumes 90-100% of CPU usage in normal and safe mode with networking.  When in just safe mode it consumes 50% cpu usage.  I have pinned the issue down to the plug and play service - with this disabled service.exe and CPU usage is fine - with it enabled PC is unusable.

I have checked for viruses with MalwareBytes and Combofix(which removed a few minor infections) but CPU usage is still high when plug and play is enabled.

This may have been caused after upgrading to TrendMicro Titanium Maximum Security 2012 but this has since been uninstalled.

If anyone has seen this before I would be interested to know how it was sorted
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johnb6767Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Process Explorer

Double Click services.exe, Select the Threads Tab, and double click the highest CPU hog, and paste the contents here please (while the problem is occurring).....
Is this with every user on that machine?
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BellscapeAuthor Commented:
Yes it is with every user

I have done a google search for similar issues so please dont post links to your results
BellscapeAuthor Commented:
Process Explorer shows      umpnpmgr.dll!PNP_HwProfFlags+0x2b9
     as consumuming the CPU usage
Can you post the full call stack please? Double click that one/copy/paste here....

Any new HW installed?

Can you post the setupapi.log as well from c:\windows?
BellscapeAuthor Commented:
Helped pinpoint the exact service causing the issue but I could not find resolution and ended up doing a reinstall - thanks
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