Adobe dreamweaver 5.5 - create flash buttons

This is a high school.
We have upgraded from Adobe CS4 (Web Premium) to CS5.5 over the summer.
A teacher says that he used to be able to create flash buttons from within Dreamweaver - the Macromedia version (there was a menu option which made it easy) but the menu option / function is now not there. (We removed the macromedia version as part of the CS 4 - 5.5 upgrade)

Please can someone advise how to get that function working in Dreamweaver 5.5.
I am not personally familiar with Dreamweaver, so step-by-step would be useful rather than assuming I know my way around the interface.
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Sorry Dude, but I'm afraid you're out of luck. Flash buttons were discontinued for CS5 onward.

If you have Flash Catalyst with your Adobe package it might be worth looking into that. Since that is a compacted flash platform specifically for making flash websites / buttons for use on the web. There are lots of tutorials on it and it's pretty accessible.
There are also several flash generator systems that are much simpler to use than Flash. has one that is very easy, called Alligator Flash

You can Google flash generation software for more.
ComputerFundiAuthor Commented:
Thanks both for your responses. We do have Flash Catalyst so I'll suggest the teacher looks at that and Alligator flash too.
Alligator flash will cost you I'm afraid ($149.00 to be exact); unless you want to use the free trial which will watermark all your created files.

Since you have Flash Catalyst you're probably best off looking at that. But like glenn_1984 suggested, you can always Google to find more, since I reckon there is loads of stuff like this around.

Alternativley, a more "web friendly" way would be to use jQuery and CSS to animate buttons. Again, there are loads of sample codes of awesome animated buttons like that on Google.

ComputerFundiAuthor Commented:
ok - thanks for the extra info.
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