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power suppy noise


Does power supply noise increase with power? For example would a new 300W power supply make less noise than a new 500W power supply for a desktop?

thanks for your help!
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No there is no direct relationship. Your noise comes from the fan within the power supply. Generally the larger the fan the more airflow/ Decible. So a 120mm fan is generally makes a quiet power supply.
Actually if the 300W supply is running at full capacity you might find that the fan is on at full speed all the time to keep cool, so a 300W fan might actually make quite a bit more noise.  If you have to buy a new PSU just search for a low noise power supply.  I seem to recall Enermax selling some.
Hi there,
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i realize the when there is some certain % of DB will come down for every raise of WATT power.

Noise in a properly functioning power supply is due almost entirely to the moving parts, ie, the fan.  The less movement, the less noise, so slower spinning fans are quieter, as mentioned by strickjh2005.  Some do have transformers that hum, but that is usually a sign that something is loose or failing.
>>  new 300W power supply make less noise than a new 500W power supply   <<  depends
as said -  thez fan size is probably the most important factor (small fan must run faster= more noise)
or are you talking about OTHER noise ?   there should be NO other audible noise
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