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MySQL ODBC Connection Fails?

Hi All,

I have got windows machine with ODBC 3.51 Driver installed. I'm trying to connect MySQL 5.0.51 installed on Linux machine (remote location).

When I try to create DSN I see error like below

Connection Failed: [HY000][MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver] Unknown MySQL Server host '{prodserver}' (0)

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Please can any one help me to fill some thoughts?

Is that anything with ODBC driver version problem? I'm connecting to MySQL 5.0.51 with ODBC 3.51 driver?
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Pratima PharandeCommented:
You should read the MySQL documentation on the access privilege system:

And also the reference documentation on the statements used to administer
accounts and grant privileges:

So basically you need to grant privilege to some account on your PC to
connect to one or more databases. For example:

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON databasename.* TO 'username'@'bsanderson' IDENTIFIED
BY 'password';

refer for more details
yarabatiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response pratima.

Permissions are absolutely fine. I have had GRANT ALL ON *.* TO user@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'sec1234'.

* the top 2 links you given seems to be broken, redirecting to Oracle search site.
you could test the connection to the mysql database manually.

e.g mysql -h prodserver.somedomain.com -u user -p pass123

or alternatively via a tool such as heidsql so you can make sure your pc can connect the mysql server. This way you rule out any issues with the connection /  network.

Also, are you able to connect the mysql server from other remote machines? If not you may need to configure the mysql server to be bound to public ips:

comment out bind_address = in /etc/mysql/my.cnf
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yarabatiAuthor Commented:
Aegil, Thanks for the response.

I'm able to connect mysql server from other machines. This is perfect.
yarabatiAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much akaodin.

As I suspect, the problem is with the versions. Looks like ODBC driver 3.51 is not compatible to connect MySQL 5.x versions. I have got ODBC driver 5.1 and it worked like charm.

Thanks all who tried help me out.

yarabatiAuthor Commented:
It was version problem as I suspect. But no one from here confirm me, so closing the post by accepting my response itself
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