I want recompile PHP Source with Source encryption!

I have seem dificult work: recompile php source (or write extenstion like icupe, phpShield...)
to protect my php source
with myshelf encryption !

Where the position of code load phpcode file?

My idea is simple: After wirte phpcode, I will encrypt to a file
When php load this source to run, It will decrypt before run it!
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Scott MadeiraCommented:
Check this link for some options for code encryption.


Ray PaseurCommented:
Consider using ioncube. (Google search for it).
redstar01Author Commented:
yes, but ioncube may be cracked???
Because it is popular
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Ray PaseurCommented:
Good point.  Show us how you have cracked any ioncube site, please.
redstar01Author Commented:
I'm using phpShield
But I search google and found seem some one can crack it?

And I think ioncube is the same?

(ZendGuard may be decompled, but it has 'Obscure'?)
Ray PaseurCommented:
Let's go back to the essence of this question.  Show us how you have cracked any ioncube site, please.  

The same can be said for phpShield.  Show us how you have cracked any phpShield site, please.

My point is simply this: IT security is not an absolute, it is a continuum, and the security methods that are used for nuclear launch codes, financial transactions, medical records or bowling scores are very different.   And the field is mushrooming: IT security is now a full-time four year college major at the University of Maryland.  A central issue in the course of study is the matter of determining what security measures are appropriate for the machinery, power supplies, communication lines, application and data.  None of those details are present in this question, so we cannot really give you an educated answer.

My recommendation remains the same.  Use ioncube.  And continue to use it until you find that someone has cracked it and stolen your code.  Then use something else.  Or reconsider the business model that requires you to keep your program code a secret.  There are plenty of open-source systems that have robust consultancies (cf: Red Hat).  The software does not need to be a secret.  If it provides good value, people will come to you asking for your help and advice.

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Well said, Ray, well said.
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