exchange 2007 upgrade !!

can we inplace upgrade exchange2007 standard to exchange2007 enterprise
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ashunnagConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes this is possible an straight forward. but remember it is one way upgrade, you can't downgrade later on.

Upgrade Instructions
The upgrade in place of how to upgrade from Exchange 2007 Standard to Exchange 2007 Enterprise
is a one way upgrade (There is no downgrade option).
To upgrade from Exchange 2007 Standard to Exchange 2007 Enterprise follow
the instructions bellow:
1. Open "Exchange Management Console".
2. Navigate to “Server Configuration”.
3. Right click on the server that need to be upgrade to Exchange 2007 Enterprise,
         and press on “Enter Product Key” button
4. Complete the wizard.
5. Restart the Exchange 2007 Services.


Yes, it is possible from inplace upgrade Exch2007 STD to Exch2007 Enterprise Edition.

But ,There is no downgrade option.

To Upgrade frm Exch STD to Enterprise EDition Follow the steps:

a)open "Exch Managemnt Console"

b)Navigate to "Server Configuration".

c)Right clk on the server  that need to be upgrade to Exch 2007 Enterprise Edition

    And press on "Enter product key " button

d)complete the wizard.

e)Restart the server (or)Restart  Exchange 2007 services.
HitenderPotanAuthor Commented:
i have seen this on Microsoft KB, but i want to know is it only matter of key change only...or we have to make some changes in registry
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no it is key change only and the software will recognize this change and operate under Enterprise version.
No, need to change the registry,software will identify and operate Enterprise version.
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