Image dimension box has disapeared in folder view of photographs

Win XP.
I need to have the Dimensions of height and width of pictures when viewing a foder with pictures in.
Viewing a folder with photographs and clicking on 'VIEW' then 'CHOSE DETAILS' used to have a long list of check boxes and one of them was 'DIMENSIONS'.
Now I only have 8 check boxes and 'Dimensions' is not there.
How do I get back the list of check boxes?
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For proper operation, you need all four of these keys defined:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00






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Problem:  Windows Explorer - extra column headings like "dimensions"
disappeared   (Win XP SP2): In Windows Explorer, when you select
"View", "Choose details", you get a list of 37 possible column
headings.  Inexplicably, one day, Windows Explorer reverts to only 8
possible column headings

Solution:   Some programs like XDrive.exe and WebDrive.exe (for no
apparent reason) rename a key in the registry which causes this
behaviour (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shellex\ColumnHandlers).   The
generic solution is to rename this key back to the original value and
then set permissions so that it cannot be renamed again by any
program.   Here are the detailed steps:

1. Back up the registry before doing anything (using "System Restore"
("Create Checkpoint"))
2. From "Start" menu, select "Run"; type "regedit" to edit the registry
3. Select HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shellex\ColumnHandlers"  (or renamed version)
4. If it has been renamed to something like "ColumnHandlersXDriveSave"
rename it back to "ColumnHandlers" first
5. Highlight "ColumnHandlers" and select "permissions" from the "Edit" menu
6. Click on "advanced " button
7. "Remove"  all the permission entries
8. Select the "Add" button, then enter the name "Everyone" in the
field "Enter the object name to select"
9. Select "Check names" button
10. On the next screen check the "allow" buttons for "Query Value",
"Enumerate subkeys", "Notify", "Read Control" and make sure all other
boxes are unchecked
11. Select "OK" on remaining screens and exit regedit.

MalcolmBishopAuthor Commented:
Hi, followed instructions but in registry under 'shellex' there are 3 folders

no mention of Column anywhere.
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Using Regedit, create this key:


You do not need to set any value - just create the key.

You will probably need to reboot after that, or at least restart the EXPLORER process.
MalcolmBishopAuthor Commented:
I created the new key and rebooted but problem still there.
Don't understand the 1.37pm comment.
Do I add all these strings to Column handler?
MalcolmBishopAuthor Commented:
Hi added these new ones to registry and it now works perfectly.
Thanks for your answer.
MalcolmBishopAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
Hi Malcolm

I realise this question is closed and that sjklein42 hit the nail right on the head with a perfect answer.
Just for future reference though, if you ever have similar loss of functionality or things go a little strange with Windows Explorer and you aren't sure of exactly which registry keys have been affected, the issues can very often be resolved by re-registering the main "shell DLL" and thereby restoring the settings:

contains a great many of the resources that make Windows Explorer display and behave as it does, and one of those resources is a great big *.INF file containing nearly 2500 lines of default Registry settings which are written back to the registry when the DLL is re-registered.  Amongst them are the "Column Handlers" referred to in sjklein42's *.REG file.

To re-register a DLL file you call "C:\Windows\System32\regsvr32.exe" with the name of the DLL file.  It can be abbreviated because Windows knows where regsvr32.exe is, and if the DLL file is a Windows System one it will be in the "system32" folder and you don't have to specify the path to it.  In your case you could have opened the Start Menu's Run field and entered he command:

regsvr32 shell32.dll

You are given prompts and notified of success using regsvr32.exe this way.

This is just for additional info.

By the way, I was just checking out the red Corvette Stingray 7.5L on your site and wishing I could afford it.  As a teenager I used to drool over my teacher's yellow '69 Daytona just like This One.

MalcolmBishopAuthor Commented:
If your teacher still has the 69 Daytona it must be worth a lot by now.
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