versioning history with email enabled Sharepoint library

Hi All,

we are using a versioning history in an email enabled library.

When a user send an email with an attachment (e.g. test.doc), the attachment will automatically
visible in the library (test). So far so good.
But when the user edit the (his) document and send again an email
with the same named (changed content only) attachment to the library, it
appears a second, different thread  in the library and the name of the
attachment you can see in the library is changed to "test 1234'.

Is it possible to avoid this and the existing document will be updated (versioning history)?
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Have you verified that the "Overwrite files with same name?" has been checked in the "Incoming E-mail Settings" for the library in question?
insi01Author Commented:
Oh, good question. i guess no :-(

I will check.

insi01Author Commented:
Thanks liebrand, that was it :-)
Awesome!  Glad I could help.
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