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Is there a more efficient way of doing below?

I need to display the name where the name has not completed a record in the ws_vp table for more than 2 days. Name only ever completes one record per date.

SELECT distinct(ws_vp.UID), from tbl_usermanager, ws_vp where ws_vp.UID not in (SELECT distinct(UID)FROM ws_vp where DATE = DATE_ADD( CURDATE( ) , INTERVAL -2 DAY ))and order by DATE DESC

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Chris HarteThaumaturgeCommented:
You are using date_add with a minus number, shouldn't that be date_sub with a 2.

Try left outer join instead of not in (hard to type code using a tablet so that's as far as I can help for now)

@munterman - it achieves the same thing, both functions are acceptable
Distinct operation is slow, cause it is using also ordering. I think you shouldn't have both of those tables in the first select. I thinnk you have the id in both your tables, so try something like this.

from tbl_usermanager
where not in (SELECT UID FROM ws_vp where DATE = DATE_ADD( CURDATE( ) , INTERVAL -2 DAY ))

I don't know what result you really need, so if you like more help, post your table definitions and maybe more explain your idea. Thanks

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Vimal DMSenior Software EngineerCommented:

I shall give you a logic for,

Having the "createdon" and  "updatedon" fields you can solve this issue very well.

So just write a query to minus the (updatedon-createdon) you will get the result based on the select the names
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