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Email disappears from Inbox - Exchange, Outlook 2010

Our Exchange 2010 Server has about 100 users.
One user claims some of his email messages are disappearing, seemingly at random.
This has happened enough times to rule out user-error. (In other words, he is not deleting the messages and forgetting he is deleting them).

A message comes to his Inbox. A day or so later (again, no apparent pattern), the message disappears. It is not in any other folder in his mailbox. It is not in the Deleted Items folder. A 'search all folders' search comes up empty.

As the admin, I KNOW the message came to this individual because:
(a) it passes through my Mail Security server (a separate machine altogether) and shows up in that audit log
(b) the user saw the message in his Inbox (and in some cases, even replied to those messages), and
(c) I use a third-party product (GFI) to archive all incoming email. (In fact this is how he is able to retrieve his 'missing' message - by finding it in the mail archive when it is missing from his Inbox).

Any ideas what is causing this?

This seems to happen at random. Not specific messages from specific senders. Not at specific times.
My guess is this only happens with 1 out of every 50 (?) emails - not frequent enough to quickly troubleshoot, but still annoying to the user.

I was thinking I could/should try recreating this user's mailbox.
How do I do this in Exchange 2010?

Or is there a utility to scan this user's mailbox?
(I should mention this user's mailbox is over 9 GB, which I am sure doesn't help)
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1 Solution
a pop3 client downloads and deletes the message? a mobile phone perhaps?
the 9GB is a bad joke of course :)
Check to see if the message is in his deleted items or in the dumpster by looking at the recover deleted items are.  It's possible there is an outlook rule or he is having finger trouble.

Is the user using public folders at all to move email around?  There is an issue with SP1 update 4 where items moved in the public folders can end up in the dumpster, if this is the case move to update 5 ASAP.
ecarboneAuthor Commented:
POP3 is not enabled on my server, so it's not that.
User has an iPhone which connects using Exchange ActiveSync, so it's probably not that either.

Messages are not in the deleted items folder.
I checked all Outlook rules. No weirdness there. (Actually to be safe, I will disable all of his rules)

He does not use Public Folders.
Running Exchange 2010 SP1 with Update Rollup 5.

Is there a way to scan a user's mailbox for errors?
Or a way to recreate his mailbox and then move all of the messages?
ecarboneAuthor Commented:
no one helped me. issue still unresolved. request refund of points and close questions.

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