Can access ftp site through DOS but not a browser

I am trying to setup access to oneof my servers via ftp. It is an IIS6 (Win 2003) server and it seemingly works fine when accessed through the command prompt. However if I try to access via a browser in active or passive mode I get a DNS fail. Any suggestions?
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disable proxy server in your browser
you should also try to change your browser this may help
To follow up on the comment by theruck ... If you've got to keep the proxy for web browsing to work you can click the Advanced button and remote it for FTP... or contact your network administrator and ask if you need to use a different port for FTP proxy.  FYI the DOS command line FTP client can only do Active Mode data channels.
Lico_wAuthor Commented:
That got it many thanks. However one additional question if I may...

Why doesn't it allow me to put files in the directory using the browser? If I drag a file or folder onto it it just opens that location or file, whereas I actually want it to ftp it across.
Lico_wAuthor Commented:
Ok sussed my other issue, it appears its not possible through a browser, so I'm using a dedicated ftp client.
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