Open with Windows Explorer requires WebClient Restart

I have SharePoint 2007 SP2 and my client is a Windows 7 machine with IE9 and Office 2010. When I try to open any list using the option "Open with Windows Explorer", I get the message "Your client does not support opening this list with Windows Explorer". I have discovered that if I stop and start the Webclient Service, the feature will work...for a few times, then again I will have to repeat the process. Any ideas? thank you!
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adramisConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Solved: this was happening in any site collection using a managed path that had more than one level, e.g. "main/resource". When backed up and restored to a site collection with a single level in the managed path, the problem went away.
adramisAuthor Commented:
I tried the suggestions on that link, and unfortunately they didn't help in my case. Stopping and restarting the Webclient service works every time, but isn't a good solution :(
adramisAuthor Commented:
Because it is the only answer posted that solves the problem.
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