Problem Sending Emails with BLAT

Anyone familiar with the command line email program BLAT? We had it set up on our previous server (SBS 2003), and after installing it on the new one (2008), it refuses to work. I set it up with the following command:

blat -install exchange_server_name.united.local

Then, when I want to use the program, I call:

blat -body " body text” -s "subject" -to recipient  -from sender -attach “attachment”

This results in an error:
"The SMTP server does not like the sender name.
Have you set your mail address correctly?
Error: Connection to server was dropped."

I try -installing with any email address on our server, and this happens.
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TheCleanerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
(NOTE:  The below isn't about SBS, I'm not familiar with how it changes things around, so take it for what it's worth)

I'm not familiar with BLAT, but it appears you aren't sending any authentication, so you might need to setup a relay connector and allow that IP address to send to the connector in order for it to work.

See here:

That is just the receive connector so don't think of "relay" as a bad word here.

You'll need to understand what you are doing though.  Best to create an additional IP address assigned to the Exchange server NIC, use that IP for the relay receive connector's "use these local IP addresses to receive mail".  Then in "Receive email from remote servers that have these IP addresses" put in the hosts IP addresses (like the BLAT server you are running this BLAT command on) there.

Hope that helps.  If you need further assistance let me know.
This works on my 2008R2 server:

blat -body " body text”  -server SMTPmailservername -f sender  -to recipient -attach “attachment”
and make sure that unauthenticated SMTP is allowed to your SMTP relay (if you have one)

if you do not have SMTP relay server set-up then this will work (will not work on an exchange server): blat -body " body text”  -server SMTPmailservername -f sender  -to recipient -attach “attachment”

I found a 64-bit version of Blat that someone had tweaked a few months back but cannot locate it now. If all else fails, try to download a 64-bit version.

to test, cd to the folder with blat, create a test file with some content and do this:
type  | blat.exe ./test_text_file.txt -server SMTP_server -f from_address -to to_address -s "Subject Text here"
rvfowler2Author Commented:
As it turns out, you indirectly led me to the solution. After more research, I found that BLAT actually has parameters for authentication, so I used that method successfully.
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