Links issue in Sharepoint

I have what appears as though it may be two separate problems but it may not be so I'm posting them both here.

One issue I am having is with the links list on our Sharepoint homepage. The link to Links List marked 1 does not work at all.

The other issue is not being able to access the content area for the Links List.

If I click on 'View All Site Content' then the link for Links there takes me to the Links List settings page and not the content page. In fact every link I have been able to find functional for Links List only takes me to the settings page. Therefore I cannot manage the content in the Links List. This was discovered due to a need to delete a few of the links in the Links List.

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Dis you try clicking on the links list from the breadcrum, while on the settings page?
Also, from the settings page, try to make a view as the default view. It could be that your default view was accidentally deleted.
SemperWiFiAuthor Commented:
Yes to the bread crumb - It simply takes me have to the home page where the Links List is displayed.

Making a view worked though - THANKS!!!
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