Shared Workpsace on SBS 2011

Hey Everyone -

Last week I had successfully deployed a SBS 2003 to SBS 2011 migration and the client is very happy with it. This week they would like to migrate their files from the GoogleDocs service to their server and work on them collaboratively.

I understand this was the job of Office Groove a while back but with Sharepoint Services, this should provide the users with somewhat the same experience. Because this is SBS 2011, the Sharepoint Workspace 2010 is already configured and running on the server.

Is there anything else to create a Shared Worksapce for excel spreadsheets? Is there anything else additional on the server? Do we need to install Groove on the workstations? I see that Shared Workspace is a download as well. Does that sit on top of Sharepoint services?
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Cris HannaCommented:
This article is a good place to probably start reading...

My personal opinion is that adding the Shared Workspace Client is just more overhead

Companyweb exists already and allows your users to create document library, calendars, Team sub sites...etc...everything thing needed for great collaboration is there just waiting for "you" to build on it.

By default, Companyweb is the IE home they just start IE, and then navigate the website to get to where they need to be
tecpubAuthor Commented:
Thank you. Worked out great.
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